Frequently Asked Questions



Which websites will my ad appear on?

Online marketing has changed everyone’s perspective on the channel. Advertising used to be about knowing
the exact URL your ad would run on, but now with advanced targeting tied to advanced data, online marketing has evolved so
it's focused on the user, not the site they’re visiting. We offer both, premium URL- specific advertising on our own sites and
advanced targeting across the internet. We police the sites your ad will run on, filtering them for questionable content and
ensuring your ads never appear on an unacceptable page.


I’ve tried digital advertising and it didn’t work.

We understand your hesitation. In fact, we’ve heard that from many of our clients who felt the same way before
trying our solution. Most providers are unable to target specific solutions that best suit you and your business. We offer a
performance guarantee for display marketing, optimizing visibility on all digital platforms, and delivering the best possible

outcome. We track clicks, monitor conversions, and view-throughs on all campaigns. 


How much will digital advertising cost? (It's too expensive because I'm a small business)

NEW Radio Digital is designed for every business and not just the "big" one. We spent a lot of time to make sure the

there will be a solution availabe for everyone and every business. We have taken the time to understand our products and we will take

the time to understand what you want to accomplish and fit that within a budget that is manageable. We have programs that start

around $350-$500 per month and they are strong enough to see results. 


I’m concerned my ad will be in remnant only positions or the program will be low quality.

Remnant is only defined as such because it wasn’t sold by the actual publisher. Most publishers leave over 50%
of their inventory unsold which means the other half of their premium inventory is available to buy
through this tactic. We help businesses like yours take advantage of the distressed inventory, targeting campaign based on the
best audience for your business.